Things About Me

Things that are true about me:

1)  I reside in the beautiful seaside town of San Francisco, California, and have for most of my adult life. I feel exceptionally lucky to have found a way to make a home here, in one of the weirdest places on earth.

2)  I consume narrative for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (And yet I'm still trying to lose those last five pounds.) Sometimes I read as many as five books at once, and my television habit is equally bad.

3)  I love the smell of cigarette smoke. I also love cheese.

4) I have what some would call a morbid streak. I call it my personality.

5)  I also have a Masters Degree in literature, and used to teach at a local college. I do something else now because I wanted to both eat and have a home. And travel. I do like to travel.

6)  I'm too old to act like a nerdy fangirl, but why change now?

7)  I love Florence, Italy and New Orleans almost as much as San Francisco, so if I go missing, check those places first.

8)  Here's where I pin things:

9)  Here's where my photography lives:

10) Finally,

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