Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fangirl Squee of the Day: More Gaiman + Spectacular Cast


That's left to right, Benedict Cumberbatch, David Harewood,  Natalie Dormer, Dirk Maggs, James McAvoy, David Schofield and Anthony Head, all gathered today to record the BBC Radio 4/Radio 4 Extra production of NEVERWHERE.

(It'll start on Radio 4 and then go over to Radio 4 extra.) The adaptation is by Dirk Maggs, who did the last three Hitchhiker's Guide Radio adaptations. He's co-directing it with producer Heather Larmour, who is the one who went off and made this happen after a small enthusiastic chat in a London coffee shop much earlier this year -- the kind of conversation that you have that normally just leaves you feeling happy, but doesn't actually turn into anything real. This time it did.

The cast includes...

James McAvoy: Richard
Natalie Dormer: Door
David Harewood: Marquis
Sophie Okonedo: Hunter
Benedict Cumberbatch: Islington
Anthony Head: Croup
David Schofield: Vandemar
Bernard Cribbins: Old Bailey
Romola Garai: Jessica
Christopher Lee: Earl of Earl's Court
Andrew Sachs: Tooley
...and lots more. It will go out in six episodes.  
[End NG]
Now (says I), how do we get to hear this in the US?

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